• What we are

    What we are

    Advisor and Coordinator of Renewable Energy Projects in Developing & Emerging Countries

  • What we do

    What we do

    Providing strategic Financial and Equity Solutions to foster Impact Investments

  • Why choose us

    Why choose us

    To put advanced Energy Concepts including Infrastructure Enhancement into Reality

  • Who we work with ► AfricanBIB

    Who we work with ► AfricanBIB

    Tumenta Kennedy CEO African Business Information Bank and Ulrich Kretzschmar PEOPLESHOME

  • Our partners from Asia

    Our partners from Asia

    Delegation of Finance & Technology Experts drawing up new Implementation Methods

PeoplesHome Association
– Initiation of Impact Investments

PeoplesHome Association is an impact business development organization assisting national and local governments in developing and emerging countries with the target to drive sustainable micro-economic cycles on the basis of renewable energy supply.

PEOPLESHOME is thus neither a charity nor an enterprise selling tangible goods. PEOPLESHOME is rather an enterprise to spread an innovative funding model for the production of renewable energy. These business‐oriented projects will be realized together with private and public investors.

Our IMPACT CODE (TIC) comprises a solution for Impact Investment including a programmatic strategy for global multiplication.

THE HOW - our Business Model

PeoplesHome has sophisticated planning instruments for finance and social impact measurements on the basis of cost-profit optimized renewable energy applications plus infrastructure enhancement for developing countries. PeoplesHome can accelerate a rapid major break through regarding “access to energy” and “climate protection”.